Sippo Smart Cup

Your hydration status.

We have made it easy. In one click you will see exactly how you are tracking today. See if you are on track or need to adjust. Changing old habits always starts today!

Personalised for your life.

Sippo is there when you need it. Set it for all-day or just the part of the day you are busy. You can simply add your routine during the set up.

Intelligent Alerts.

When Sippo knows you are due for a drink a notification will appear to let you know. With Sippo you will never come home tired, fatigued and dehydrated!

Smart App Analytics.

Fast and easy to review your progress. One click to see a chart of your drink log history and weight. All information safe and secure in our app.

Hydration Status

Quickly assess how you are your tracking with your hydration today.

Drink Log

Easily see how much you've drunk today, this week, this month, by the sip!

Weight Monitor

Enter your weight as often or as little as you like, and monitor over time.

Wearable Integration

Google Fit and Apple HealthKit compatible so you can integrate data to wearables!
*Available with Feb-2016 app update

Smart Alarm

Set your reminder periods,and if you forget to drink, Sippo will remind you.

Social Integration

Share you drinking achievements using Sippo with friends and family.

Easy to set up.

1. Download app & install on smartphone

1. Download app & install on smartphone

Get started by downloading the iPhone or Android version of our app. Open it up and follow through our quick intro.
2. Enter information & pair your Sippo cup

2. Enter information & pair your Sippo cup

Enter your details so we can calculate your recommended fluid consumption. Continue the set up by pairing your Sippo cup.
3. Enjoy the benefits of mind-free hydration

3. Enjoy the benefits of mind-free hydration

Fill up your Sippo cup and let it start tracking your consumption. Now its time to get back to your busy life!

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